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Netprofile 5/27/24 1:58 PM

Netprofile Industry Report: AI Has a Huge Impact on Tech PR and Marketing – Action Required Now

How does B2B technology communication and marketing look like in the age of AI? And how ...
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Ari Saarelainen 4/11/24 3:00 PM

The quantum threat is rising – why should every company take note?

At Netprofile, we are deeply entrenched in technology-related marketing communications. ...
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Jason Ward 4/4/24 11:30 AM

The answer is why – creating a successful podcast often boils down to answering one simple question

During my nearly 2-year journey with Netprofile, I've had the luxury of working on ...
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Suvi Heinikoski 12/12/23 1:58 PM

Dollars and data: How much is it for a social media lead?

When incorporating social media into B2B marketing, the initial questions often revolve ...
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Sanelma Helkearo 11/13/23 1:52 PM

Wow! Finland is full of awesome communication!

This was the thought the dominant thought I had when I finished evaluating my share of ...
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Christina Forsgård 10/25/23 2:39 PM

Geopolitical tensions and the ethics of AI met in Warsaw

The International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) organised the most ...
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Ida Vehnämäki 9/28/23 2:50 PM

Native advertising, yuck!

...or perhaps an effective way to get your content seen? Even if it's the best news ...
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Jirimiko Oranen 9/26/23 11:24 AM

Jukka Holm: Work Must Never Stop – Ever!

I meet Jukka Holm, the Managing Director of Visma Enterprise, in an online meeting, as I ...
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Merja Haverinen 9/15/23 9:20 AM

Your digital footprint after death – What happens online?

Have you ever thought about what will happen to your digital footprint after your ...
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