Netprofile Dec 7, 2022 3:42:29 PM

Netprofile wins two top spots at ICCO Global Awards with Helsinki Partners and the 90 Day Finn – Judit Vikman is the Rising Star of the Year

Netprofile, Helsinki Partners and the 90 Day Finn campaign won two prizes at the ICCO Global Awards ceremony in London on 1 December 2022. The winning project conquered the Best Digital and New Media Campaign and Event, Launch or Stunt Campaign categories.  

Overall, Netprofile was one of the most successful agencies in the competition worldwide. The prizes in London continue Netprofile's impressive streak of success. In recent years, the agency has collected numerous accolades in the European Excellence Awards, Digital Communications Awards and Finnish Comms Awards competitions.  

"Our most important goal is to help our customers succeed, and these awards show that our work is of quality that sets an example worldwide," says Juha Frey, CEO of Netprofile. "Success at the ICCO Awards is particularly heartwarming since the jury consists of top professionals in our industry. We are honoured by their selecting our work in competition with contestants from dozens of countries."

"This year's ICCO Global Awards competition was of a very high standard, and the winners can be extremely proud as the selection was not easy at all," says Maxim Behar, Chair of the ICCO jury. "Netprofile had a fantastic presence and impressive achievements with the 90 Day Finn campaign. I also see Judit Vikman's Rising Star award as a strong message to the future generation of PR. The awards went to Netprofile, but they also honour the Finnish PR industry."  

The massively popular 90 Day Finn program has attracted more than 6,000 international experts, entrepreneurs and investors to seek a new life in Finland. Many participants have decided to stay in Finland, and several have established a company in the market.  

"Our mission is to support Helsinki's sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive international environment," says Johanna Huurre, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Helsinki Partners. "Within a short time frame, the 90 Day Finn programme has given tremendous visibility to our objective of attracting investment and talent and building the city's global reputation. The programme has turned into a phenomenon with an exceptional social impact",  

Judit's star shines bright  

The cap on Netprofile's glory was Judit Vikman's win in the Rising Star of the Year category. She has built a successful career at Netprofile, catering to the agency's international and domestic clients with a confidence that has not gone unnoticed. Earlier in the fall, Vikman won the award of the Young Talent of the Year at the annual Finnish Comms Awards.  

"Constantly improving our employee experience is a top priority for us," says Netprofile founder Christina Forsgård. "We want to be the trusted partner for our clients. Awards such as these are a victory showcasing our company culture's vitality. Everything starts with respect for each other and the seamless teamwork we engage in for our clients' benefit."  

Hosting the Global PR Awards, ICCO is home to more than 3,000 member agencies from over 80 countries. The organisation shares information and brings together professionals within the field of communications and PR worldwide. ICCO garners a great deal of respect globally and is witnessing strong growth.