Netprofile Oct 11, 2023 3:10:47 PM

Netprofile reaches Finnish Comms Awards 2023 finals with four client projects

Finnish Comms Awards is an annual event recognizing the year’s most outstanding collaborations between communications agencies and their clients. This year, four of Netprofile’s client projects were selected to the finals, making Netprofile again one of the agencies with the most spots on the shortlist. All in all, 104 communications projects from 19 agencies were presented before the judges.

Collaboration between Netprofile and cybersecurity leader Nixu reached the finals in the esteemed category of Strategic Communications Consulting. Sumi’s amazing strategic journey with Netprofile found its way into the top tier of the prestigious Change Communications category.

Salesforce and Netprofile took a finalist spot in B2B Communications with their spectacular Älyradio ("Smart Radio") podcast stunt at Slush 2022. Etteplan’s ambitious path towards green industrial transition in partnership with Netprofile rose into the limelight in the B2B Services and Products Communications category.

“Our clients' comms needs are as versatile as ever, but conjoined by swift changes in the operating environment,” said Netprofile CEO Juha Frey. “Our collaborations that propelled themselves to this year’s finals are clear signs of this. Challenging economy, the emergence of artificial intelligence, and the pace of transformation in business demand ever more agile communication maneuvers. This, in turn, demands more profound expertise towards our clients' industries than ever before."

"Every successful and noteworthy communications project comes down to talented individuals brimming with dedication and expertise," said Netprofile founder Christina Forsgård. "At Netprofile, we continuously invest in deepening our expertise, with this year’s focal points in artificial intelligence and sustainability. As the pandemic’s passing gave way for our community to again work truly side by side, we have experienced a newfound surge in creativity, which has paid dividends in added value for our clients."

"This year’s numerous finalist positions are a clear indication that our team of professionals are on a shared mission to build unique success stories for our clients developing and utilizing technology," Forsgård concluded.

104 client projects were submitted to this year’s Finnish Communications Awards, with 53 making it to the finals. Read more on each of the finalists here!