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Highly successful 90 Day Finn programme continues - applications expected from thousands of foreign investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders

The 90 Day Finn programme offers an opportunity for international professionals to explore life in Finland for 90 days. The programme is hosted by Helsinki Partners, a city marketing and investment and talent attraction company for the City of Helsinki.

The goal of the 90 Day Finn programme is to raise the awareness of Helsinki as an interesting business environment and a leading technology centre. Its main target groups are investors, entrepreneurs and technology business executives who are expected to bring sustainable growth to the Finnish business community. The objective is to select as diverse a group of experts as possible, who in turn can learn from each other, and thus increase the effectiveness of the programme.

“Although Helsinki has a lot to offer for professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, we are not yet widely known. But we at Helsinki Partners know the region and can match the participants with opportunities based on their goals. We want to give the top professionals in their field the chance to experience Helsinki and its strengths themselves and make the decision based on their experience whether Helsinki is the right place for them. Based on our experiences, visitors are convinced of Helsinki after they have been here,” says Johanna Huurre, the Business Director of Helsinki Partners.

After the eight-week application period, Helsinki Partners will choose fifteen participants to move to Helsinki in August 2022. The company offers each participant and their family the services for finding a workspace and suitable housing. Participants are expected to cover their own costs of living. Participants will be encouraged to apply for a fixed-term residence permit after the 90 days.

Helsinki Partners' 90 Day Finn programme supports Helsinki's new city strategy. It states that Helsinki has an active role to play in attracting foreign companies, entrepreneurs and professionals and supporting their relocation in Helsinki. In addition, Helsinki wants to be a city that is active in addressing challenges of global relevance.

The first campaign in 2020 received over 5,300 applications from all over the world. Among them, 13 professionals were chosen. During the three-month period in Helsinki, several business ideas were born, and two new startups are growing their businesses. Over half of the participants wanted to stay in Finland.

The application period for the new 90 Day Finn programme opened on Monday, 13 December and closes on Sunday, 6 February 2022. Helsinki Partners will make the selections based on applications and interviews.

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